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When design and functionality meet in complete harmony

Zalto stems from proud Austrian traditions. For six generations, the Zalto family has been crafting the finest mouth-blown crystal glasses. Technical perfection combined with unique design are the keywords to Zalto's success. With every detail, Zalto strives to create the perfect wine glass, where exclusive design, the best lead-free materials, and the finest glassblowers come together to frame enjoyment, enhanced taste, and the ultimate wine experience.


Elasticity, light as a feather, and thin as a needle

Elegance, finesse, and exclusivity are the cornerstones of Zalto's impressive glass collection. The glasses are so thin and light that it almost feels like holding a "floating" glass, while allowing the wine to unfold its nuances and characteristics in the best and most vibrant way possible. Zalto glasses are made of the finest lead-free crystal, which means they can be blown extremely thin. This emphasizes Zalto's unique, stylish, and luxurious design, while ensuring maximum strength and elasticity. The glasses are resistant to cloudiness and scratches, and most importantly, they are dishwasher-safe! In fact, we recommend putting the glasses in the dishwasher, as there is a higher risk of breakage when washing by hand. This way, you have a glass for both everyday use and your finest and most celebratory moments.

Inspiration from the ancient Romans

To achieve the perfect glass, Zalto has drawn inspiration from the wisdom of the ancient Romans: the tilt of the Earth. The curves of each glass bowl follow the tilt of the Earth - 24, 48, and 72 degrees. The ancient Romans used this technique to prolong the shelf life of their food and drinks and, more importantly, to enhance the taste. By employing these "cosmic parallels," Zalto allows the wine to reach its maximum potential, providing you with the best tasting and wine experience.

Think of it this way: A Zalto glass is a lifetime investment in improved and enriched wine flavor and experience. We warmly welcome you to a world of taste sensations, exclusivity, and enjoyment of life.