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Zalto Gravitas Omega

Zalto Gravitas Omega unites aesthetic with functionality and is designed to unfold all the virtues of the wine. A 'catchy' and stylish glass that enchants every nice gourmet table.

As the whole Zalto collection, the glass is mouth-blown and handmade of lead-free crystal. We recommend it to red wines, where depth, character and richness are important keywords.

With a unique shape that incorporates the bowl of the Zalto Burgundy glass, the Zalto Gravitas Omega is an imaginative and creative glass, where the color and structure of the wine truly come to live.

The exceptional aspect of this glass is that it has no base - instead you can carefully and gently swirl the wine in circular movements to evoke the best taste in the wine. There is a flat edge on one of the sides of the bowl, so you do not have to worry that the glass will fall off the table!

A decorative, useful and characteristic glass from Zalto, which definitely will be a ‘hit’ around the table and take the wine experience to new dimensions!

Height: 230 mm. Volume: 960 ml